Porto 1988
Over 12 + years, my career has been characterised mainly by its connection to the multidisciplinary nature of creative practice — from creative direction to brand management, team leadership and direct contact with communication, branding, product and architectural design projects.

Over the years I’ve been involved in multiple work areas, in which procedural methodology, strategy and critique stand out as notable points of development. It is through this methodological and segmented approach that the different teams are orientated and guided throughout the creative process.

Graduated in Graphic Design and Advertising (ESMAD), and with continuous acquisition of problem-solving skills, creative strategies and branding through courses such as Design Thinking (ESAD), Digital Brand Management (EDIT), Training for Trainers, among others.

Most recent

studium . creative studio
2019 — present

⋅ Responsible for the creative processes development of studium . creative studio .
⋅ Dedicated to communication design projects – digital and print, art direction, architecture and product design (see awards section)
⋅ Focused on leading multidisciplinary teams, as well as manage project and clients.
. Responsible for the studio creative, processual and strategic approach, like in communication trends, language, style and the posicioning with clients and peers.
. Proximity relation with the inherent to creative development bureaucratic processes.
. Project management in direct contact with different technical, creative or institutional teams – leadership, control, definition of communication agents, among other duties associated with the position.

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AMMP Brand & Management Agency
2014 — present

⋅ Responsible for the development of branding processes at AMMP Brand & Management Agency.
. Dedicated to naming (POPKISS, WNDER, DOMODOMO), creative strategy, brand direction and management, communication and project planning.
⋅ Focused on the activation of the different agents (from the client to the creative teams).
. Close relationship with the client’s business strategies as well as the constant analysis and improvement of their brand.

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studium . creative studio
2014 — present

⋅ Responsible for concept and visual trends development, implemented on multidisciplinary and interdepartamental projects, namely at the intersection of communication design and architecture, through visual identities, signage, among others.

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MONSTRUKTOR, the author
2014 — present

⋅ Curator, editor and art director of the author Sérgio Miguel Magalhães.
⋅ Responsible for the compendium of the author’s writings, such as the 04 books:

Future blue — 2022, Hórus publisher #The last 140 characters, vol.3 — 2014

#QOTD + #No longer QOTD, vol. 2 — 2013
#QOTD, vol.1 — 2013

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Blog awcat
2013 — present

⋅ Personal interpretation of what surrounds me, with small essays avid for conscience and comment, a reflection of my personal and professional position.
⋅ Author of short texts and considerations from the most wide range thematic spectrum.

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PT Made
2014 — present

⋅ Creator in a brand dedicated to product design studium . creative studio .

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Patron for curricular internships from Soares dos Reis Artistic Secondary School
2018 — 2020

⋅ Responsible for guiding and integrating students in methodological processes, creative stages and decision processes, through a short-term experience at studium . creative studio .

Graphic designer

2012 — 2013

. Graphic designer integrated in multidisciplinary projects of a wide thematic scope and client diversity.
. . Focused on visual identity, editorial, communication design, web design, architecture projects, among others.

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KMS Team
2010 — 2010 (Munich, Germany)

⋅ Graphic designer integrated in different communication design projects for clients such as Vodafone and MAN trucks.

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Graphic designer

Nido Magazine
2010 — 2010 (Munich, Germany)

⋅ Graphic and editorial designer, dedicated to the pagination of various editions of Nido Magazine, from Stren group.



⋅ Development of skills in the exploration of concepts and fundamental principles of thought.
. Learning processes, techniques and tools for cooperation and the development of entrepreneurial or intra-entrepreneurial projects aimed at solving problems or exploiting opportunities.

EDIT . Disruptive digital education

⋅ Brand management, brand position, identity & equity, trends and consumer knowledge in digital channels, management in the digital world.

CRIAP Institute
2022 — 2022

⋅ Presentation techniques, didactic resources, public discourse among other competences.

Key School
2019 — 2019

⋅ Team management techniques, criteria and leadership models, among other themes.

2006 — 2009

⋅ Course focusing on the practical and theoretical nature of graphic design.


Kafka, um autor sempre atual

Museu da Cidade course with Gonçalo Vilas-Boas – 2022

Curso do auto (des) conhecimento

Brotéria course by Simão Luscas Pires – 2022

Captivating fibersphere

Porto Design Biennale workshop with Alexandra Fruhstorfer and Seçil Uğur Yavuz – 2021

Escrita é imaginação

Casa da Arquitetura workshop with Gonçalo M. Tavares – 2018

Special Projects


. Winner of the competition – Archetype 2023: INNOVATION award – promoted by the Order of Architects (OASRN) and N41º.
. Winner of the competition – Archetype 2023: MASTER award – promoted by the Order of Architects (OASRN) and N41º

Winner of the competition – Competition of Ideas: Exhibition and Mobile Projector – promoted by Visual Spaces of Change (VSC U. Porto – CCRE-CEAU/FAUP)



.Design Systems — promoted by Porto Design Biennale, in the scope of the 03 workshops I attended (Impossible Methods — Luiza Prado and Pedro Oliveira, News That Will Change the World — Belle Phromchanya, Means of Production — Ruben Pater).
. Creative installations inserted in the urban areas of great flow, such as the Porto metro stations.

Portographic — created and promoted by studium . creative studio , in a critique of 2019’s Porto.
. Art direction, curation and visual communication content production, exhibition and media implementation.
. Communication design team coordination.

The UNbuilt Series — created and promoted by studium . creative studio within the scope of the selection for the architecture month by Ordem dos Arquitetos of secção regional do norte.
. Art direction, curation and visual communication content production, exhibition and media implementation.
. Communication design team coordination.


⋅ Co-author of the Monography A Narrativa do Percurso about the 20 years of studium . creative studio .
⋅ Participation in the book Modes of Criticism #05 about Porto Design Biennale 2019 — Francisco Laranjo’s edition.

Conferences and webinars

International Assembly Festival (INTL)
→ 2023 edition with Mirko Borsche, Can Yang, Patrick Thomas, Shivani Parasnis, DesignStudio, Annie Atkins, Zhongkai Li, Porto Rocha, Ruben Pater, Neo Neo

Future London Academy
→ Design Leadership Series with Justine Lançon from Mejuri, Fede Garcia from BCW, Josh W Higgin from Atlassian, Kate Stanners from Saatchi & Saatchi and Tiffany Rolfe from R/GA
Branding in the Era of the Goldfish with Asa Cook from Intertype Studio
Why Creative Leaders Make Great Business Leaders with Huge Inc
Mirko Borsche
Branding Process: From an Initial Concept to a Refined Direction with Robyn Butler and Campbell Butler from Lovework Studio
→ Building Better Design Teams with Marc Maleh and Matt Hexemer from HUGE
How to Create Strong Brands with Ekaterina Solomeina
How to be More Creative with Thierry Brunfaut from Base Design

. Clube da Criatividade de Portugal
Masterclass – Estratégia: da Criação do Negócio à Marca with Joana Sepúlveda
Masterclass – Digital Acceleration with Pedro Patrício

Colectivos PLÁKA
The time(s) of Contemporaneity I / Politics of Survival / To School Out of School / The time(s) of Contemporaneity II / Práticas Pós-Nostálgicas / Love and Garbage / Desejos Compulsivos

. Futuress
An Anti-colonial History of Colors with Luiza Prado
Decolonizing Typography with Aasawari Kulkarni and Naïma Ben Ayed

Anton Vidolke
Citizens of the cosmos

Forward Festival
Munich 2021

Porto Design Biennale
Monstrous designs

Fórum do Futuro
2018, 2019

Arcada 2019
O futuro do design

Portas do Tempo Paredes de Coura
Traditional architecture

AGI Open
Process is the project